Scale npm - FrozenRidge Sponsoring npm With Node.JS Expertise

26 Nov 2013

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npm: An amazing free resource

We're huge fans of npm and use it every day. In our opinion, npm is one of the single best things about Node.JS. When npm goes down, we are sad. Understandably, given the exponential growth of the npm registry over the past year, the resources required to keep npm up are large. Especially given that the people who have been hosting it were paying out of their own pockets!

So, when the npmjs hosting team at Nodejitsu reached out to us to help with their scalenpm sponsorship drive, we jumped at the opportunity.

To that end, we're donating some of our expert Node.JS consulting time to the cause! Donate $200 or more and you can get some of our time as part of the reward.