GitBackups- Peace of Mind for your Source Code

14 Jan 2014

Like a lot of software companies, we've come to rely heavily on Github for all of our source code hosting. Github is great, and pretty reliable overall, but recently we realized that we were blindly trusting them to look after our source code. We take our data very seriously and regularly back up databases and customer records securely - but we couldn't say the same for our source code.

Because Git is a decentralized source control system, anyone who has a clone of the repository has the complete source tree, and this can lull us into a false sense of security - if every developer has all the source and we can restore from anyone's laptop, then what's the risk?

Well we wouldn't trust backup of our customer data to developer laptops. And if we were reliant solely on a cloud service for them, we'd ensure that we had a secure backup elsewhere.


Another key point is that when developers are committing frequently to multiple branches, none of them may have the complete tree 'fetched' to their local repository. And in node, where the trend is towards lots of small repositories, some of those may be cloned on few machines.

We felt like we had to solve this problem internally, but as we wrote the software, we realized that this is a problem that a lot of companies face. And so was born. We want to make it trivial to backup your git repositories, and for all commits and branches to be stored securely and durably in the cloud.

Another concern that was expressed to us when we were talking to customers was that a lot of companies have become so reliant on Github for their developer flows, that when it goes down, it kills productivity across their organizations. Despite the fact that git is decentralized, most companies rely on flows that assume a central 'origin' repository. We realized having a backup git remote for the times Github goes down is very important when developers productivity is bounded by the reliability of their git 'origin' repositories. Because of this, Gitbackups will offer the ability to be used as a backup 'origin' should Github go down.

We're still working on getting Gitbackups up to the level of service that we demand from our products, but if this is something that your company would be interested in, or if you would like to be part of our beta program, then please sign up to our waiting list.